Community Advantages

3D designer benefits

Unleash all your creative potential and get the most out of your 3D design career with our nice RenderThat benefits!

Your advantages as a 3D design freelancer at RenderThat

Are you looking for a strong network to get modern 3D projects without extra effort? Do you have versatile 3D skills? At RenderThat we value community and create a beneficial workplace that consists of more than just projects and deadlines.

Profit from challenging jobs

Work on interesting and varied projects where you make the difference. Use your skills specifically where they bring real added value, also for expanding your personal 3D skills.

Enjoy captivating live streams from 3D experts

Meet other designers regularly for our famous "Design Live-Stream". Watch live members of our team and let them guide you through various 3D design topics. Learn new skills, get helpful tips and tricks or ask questions while the stream takes place on Youtube. This is a great way to meet other team members and get new impressions.

Work on time-efficient, satisfying projects

Benefit from our established workflows (professional briefings, transparent corrections, punctual billing and payment support). Direct your focus on the "real" 3D work. Our supplier portal makes all your administrative information immediately and easily accessible with its barrier-free integrations and easy-to-understand employee information.

Experience an extraordinary, international community

With the help and imagination of our designers based all around the world, we are constantly working to help all community members get to know each other better. Among other things, we organise online discussions on topics such as music, food and hobbies. Designers share insights into their past jobs and exchange ideas in an informal way. In particular, our shared playlist on Spotify is quite popular.

Win designer awards and accolades

Throughout the year, we honour some designers who have done exceptional work within the team and have earned an award for it. We also hold exciting internal competitions where our designers can let their creativity run free and win great prizes outside of the project work.

Receive active support from dedicated community managers

Several community managers look after the people in our Talent Network with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. They are available to you every day and make sure that all your questions are answered and that you understand every part of our processes.

Work remotely from your favourite place in the world

Our structures are explicitly designed to support you from anywhere. So, no matter where you are in the world or whether you are planning a move, we make sure that we can work together.

Flexibly choose your favorite among the payment options

RenderThat reliably pays all your invoices after work is done, regardless of the payment terms of our customers. We support several well-known and secure payment systems such as Payoneer, Paysera, Wise as well as normal bank transfers. Location-related payment problems are thus completely excluded. Especially great: In our supplier portal, you can transparently view your payment processes at any time and receive updates, for example, when your invoice has been paid.

Let us support your creative talent

With us, you are not "just" placed, but supported in your goals and allocated based on your talents. With a trained eye, we make sure that a project gets exactly the right freelancer. Through many years of work experience and cooperation with all kinds of different freelancers, our team ensures that your daily workflow is as smooth as possible.

Gladly give constructive feedback for process optimisation

After each project, we offer designers the opportunity to expand and improve our teams and processes. How? You express your opinion in the intended context and we offer you the same in return. Learning with and from each other moves us forward.

Company Culture

RenderThat - the right place for you!

RenderThat offers you the chance to work in a place you enjoy. Whether you're looking for challenging jobs, international networking or design awards, we have it all. With our community, you can take your 3D designing to the next level and make an impact with your designs.

Become part of a cross-cultural team

We value a colourful environment. The mix of different religions, work locations and hobbies makes us a strong team.

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Enjoy a dynamic work atmosphere

We make sure that you’re not missing active experiences at your remote workplace: yoga sessions, fitness or pet months...

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Remote working is in our DNA

Quick decision making, mostly asynchronous work as well as easy communication via Slack are important for our 3D community.

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Join the 3D Revolution!

Looking to up your 3D design game? Look no further than Talent Network. Join us today and make yourself part of the world's greatest 3d design community.

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