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Do you want to work on innovative projects and prove your talent? We are your gateway to exciting challenges from major companies that need exactly your expertise.

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Competition Background

The RenderThat Revolution Award was born with the intention of nurturing, challenging and platforming 3D designers work.

With each new competition, we’ll bring you an exciting brief that challenges you to be creative and show off your exceptional 3D skills. With our fantastic partners, we have created an exceptional prize list that can help the winners build up their design studios with equipment and great subscriptions.

This is also an excellent opportunity to position your work in front of industry leaders from the world of 3D, Lifestyle and Gaming.

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RenderThat aims to create a sense of fun and community with our designers while at the same time nurture creativity and platform exceptional work. We do this by placing your work in front of industry leaders in the world of 3D through awards and competitions.

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