Out of this world

Island Vibes

Project Details

In these delightful animations, 2 different islands come to life. First, a charming cartoon-style island with vibrant colours and whimsical design. A picturesque paradise bursting with a kaleidoscope of cheerful hues. Simple paper boats add a playful touch as they navigate the tranquil sea. Second, a peaceful scene on a beach emerges. A more realistic portrayal and yet still evoking the same feeling. A more subdued mood and a place to meditate on the sound of the waves. In both, the water has a gentle, rhythmic motion, creating a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

The Brief

Here the theme was island vibes, using whichever software the designer chose. The vibe should be relaxing yet fun. The animations should not be too long and should only include simple movements. 

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