The (beyer)dynamic is in the details

Beyerdynamics closeup on headphones

Project Details

Beyerdynamic is renowned for their exceptional audio quality, innovative design and premium craftsmanship. Their products are the epitome of modernity and sleekness, exuding a sense of sophistication and contemporary style. These images showcase their impressive features with a bold but simple design. Sleek lines and carefully crafted curves create an aesthetically pleasing and visually striking appearance. The images capture the essence of a high-end audio experience, enveloping us in a world of immersive sound. The overall effect conveys the idea that these headphones are the pinnacle of audio performance and offer an unparalleled listening experience. 

The Brief

The client wanted various formats such as clippings and videos to be used in different product launches. The final result should evoke the longevity of the product, the modernity of the design and should leave no doubt that these are the best products out there right now for an audio experience. Sticking to the corporate visual guidelines was a must and the fibers on the headphones needed to look as realistic as possible. Our team accomplished this by virtually swirling every fiber digitally. 

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